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High quaity springs ride quality is very good

- Box was banged up and open as UPS guy handed it to me as I met him out front. Hardware was loose inside (hardware bag broke open but luckily I checked the 11 bred  list and all the parts were there).
Good heavy duty quality springs here! No question. But let me totally honest: You will ride 2" higher then factory ride height in the rear FOR A WHILE! I have been riding on these rear leafs now for 10 months, and they are now just starting to settle down and come into reality for a normal ride height. 10 months and 11,000 miles later, and I no longer feel like I'm riding in a raked hotrod, and my headlights are no longer pointing straight down into the road.
This Dorman version comes with the rubber bushings and steel sleeves installed in the eyes. Great item for the price, ride quality is very good, not overly stiff and bouncy, just need to be VERY patient and let them settle-
Wait- I almost forgot, they will squeak... and I don't mean a little, I mean you will burn though an entire can of WD40 or some other lube trying to get the shim plates and leafs to stop squeaking. It sounds more like an electrical crackling sound...not a high pitch 11 low bred squeak, but it's obvious it's the leafs. When you hit the leaf packs with some lube, it will go away for a few days... but ultimately, it took about 4 months or the squeaking to subside
- New U-bolts for rear springs should have been included.