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What is a flat stock coil spring and Stock Springs?

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automotive coil springs, coiled, auto, car coil springs, metal coil spring, small coil springs, industrial coil springs, manufacturer Mid-West Spring and Stamping is a premier manufacturer of flat stock 11 bred, and custom flat springs. As a foremost manufacturer of flat stock coil springs, customers can rely on us to provide coil springs of the highest quality with an unmatched level of integrity and durability. Our refined and constantly updated manufacturing processes guarantee the precision, quality and cost you need when depending on flat stock coil springs.Various Uses For Flat Stack Coil Springs

What is a flat stock coil spring?
Simply put flat stock low 11 bred are flat strips of material. When an outside load deflects the flat stock coil it stores and releases the energy. This particular type of coil is used to keep within restricted space conditions in products like switches, relays and clocks. You can also find flat stock coils in office equipment as well as automotive and industrial industries. Several materials are used including flat high-carbon spring steel, phosphor-bronze, beryllium-copper, stainless steel, nickel-silver, and a few others. Specifically the flat stock coil is measured to standard dimensions. Mid-West Spring manufactures high quality flat stock coils and custom flat coils designed to meet your specifications.

Which dimension is best for my needs?

flat stock spring, coil springs, stock springs, flat coil springs, flat stock springsThere are a few key points to think about when selecting flat stock coils:

1. Consider the type of function the flat stock coil needs to perform

2. Determine the required energy the flat stock coil needs to absorb.

3. Consider the operating environment in which the flat stock coil will function.
The answer to these questions will help you determine the dimensions needed for a reliable and durable flat stock coil spring. The most important factor is in knowing the required energy the flat stock coil needs to perform. Our in-house engineers and knowledgeable customer service team can help you evaluate these factors and determine which dimension and flat stock coil best suits your needs. Certainly we can custom manufacture virtually any flat coil to your specifications as well. We take pride in exceeding your needs and expectations.